But what about Shotmama?

After much deliberation, I have decided to part ways with my business name/pseudonym, Shotmama.

Drum roll please….introducing

Cheryl Adams Johnson Photography

Why? It feels more personal and more professional. It links me, the artist/ photographer with my work. It flows better. It is how I sign my work. I don’t need to hide behind the brand. With humbleness, I have become the the brand.

ShotMama was meant to be fun, a little campy, and not too serious. It has certainly served me well. Having a name other than my own felt safe and helped me build confidence and get comfortable shooting professionally again. It also gave me time to decide whether or not to use my maiden name, married name, or both.

Rebranding feels like a monumental task. New logo, collateral, web presence… Please bear with me as I complete the change over. While I am creating my new website with fun features that will make viewing and purchasing my work easier, you can find me here.

Thank you for your continued support!

6 responses to “But what about Shotmama?

  1. Best of luck Cheryl! I love your logo and look forward to enjoying yr posts.

  2. I was told by a good friend years ago to just go with my name. I didn’t. Probably, most likely, definitely should have. It is easier to just say ones name and also have it as your business name and website. Oh, well. I’ve been around so long and set my site up well, if you google me you get my website and vise versa.
    Good luck with your rebrand.
    Sally Anne

  3. Thank you, Auntie Kate and Sally!
    I debated, Sally, but I am so glad I did. I liked the ShotMama looked, but I didn’t like how it felt saying it:) I can’t wait to see the new boxes posted on Etsy…handcrafted Christmas gifts! Yes!

  4. What a morning treat! I finally had a few minutes to peek in at your new logo and newly named website! It’s a delight in many ways. It’s as if you made a quantum leap into mature professionalism. No really…I’ve always loved your photography and somehow it has taken on a new dimension. And, your captions are so “personal” in such a poetic way. It will be a regular in my morning scans to see what’s good in the world! It’s a “re-birth”!

  5. You are a fantastic artist. I love your photography and paints, keep up the great work.

  6. That is I love your paintings.

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