Willet Pond

Technically I live in the city. Not a city like New York, Boston, or even Providence, but it’s not quite the suburbs either. Like most cities there are green spaces, parks, and in our case the bay. There is also Willet Pond. When you drive by it ‘s almost a  blip, but if you slow down (or better yet stop), it’s a lovely little slice of nature. `

My children love the pond. They get to see frogs, bugs, birds, turtles, fish. We hike and collect sticks that become “fishing poles.” This past week we stopped on our way back from errands. As soon as we pulled up, a pair of swans swam over to the bank to have a closer look. And then closer and closer and closer….they were really close! The boys wanted to pet them, but of course I had to corral them away and explain that swans are large and sometimes angry birds! Once the boys settled down we just sat and watched each other. Then the swans sauntered back to the water and we started off on our walk.

They escorted us for a ways. When we stopped to watch each other a little more, I took a few pictures. This being one of them.

Majestic and handsome. Floating quietly in a small city.

Willet Pond is right across from the Providence Coffee Roasters plaza. If you come by on Thursday, you might catch a glimpse of our friends…

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