Wide Awake

There is nothing more cherubic and peaceful than a sleeping newborn. It is a time to be in awe of a beautiful little being and also a time for new parents to hopefully rest or perhaps more likely throw in a load of laundry.

Photographing newborns is never as quiet as the sleeping baby image suggests, because life with a newborn is much more social. It is a conversation between parent and infant. Even in that peaceful state, the newborn and parent are communicating. And I love that.


The life and experience of being a new parent (and you are a new parent whether it is your first baby or your tenth) is as beautiful as that of the new baby…parents unable to take their eyes off their child, the quiet whispers of the mother’s voice, the “just right”  gentle bounce in a father’s arms, the gaze into a parents eyes that speaks words of trust and love without actually saying a thing. That is what I enjoy most about creating images with new families.

This little girl and her mother and father take my breath away…





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