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Wide Awake

There is nothing more cherubic and peaceful than a sleeping newborn. It is a time to be in awe of a beautiful little being and also a time for new parents to hopefully rest or perhaps more likely throw in a load of laundry.

Photographing newborns is never as quiet as the sleeping baby image suggests, because life with a newborn is much more social. It is a conversation between parent and infant. Even in that peaceful state, the newborn and parent are communicating. And I love that.


The life and experience of being a new parent (and you are a new parent whether it is your first baby or your tenth) is as beautiful as that of the new baby…parents unable to take their eyes off their child, the quiet whispers of the mother’s voice, the “just right”  gentle bounce in a father’s arms, the gaze into a parents eyes that speaks words of trust and love without actually saying a thing. That is what I enjoy most about creating images with new families.

This little girl and her mother and father take my breath away…





Party Time…

About a month before her due date, a mother of two young boys contacted me about scheduling a portrait party with a few other families. Having done something similar in the late Fall, I was really looking forward to a full day of photographing families.

Just 3 days before the scheduled party day new baby arrived…just in time to join the celebration!

Portfolio-4   Portfolio-2-2

Portrait Parties are generally scheduled in one location and often several families will come to have their pictures taken. I like to have time with each individual family so instead of everyone arriving at once, I set aside an hour for each family.

There are so many things to love about Parties. I get to see lots of families and meet lots of great kids all in one day which sounds exhausting, but it is actually the opposite. Because every family is different, every hour renews my energy! It’s exciting! The light changes transforming the location for each group…I get to do what I love for an entire day.

Portfolio-2 Portfolio

And not everyone is willing at first…


But, by the end of the hour, we all know each other a little better and always have fun.

If you have a great location and a group of families who want to create a party, lets do it while we still have long days and warm weather! I will also be suggesting a few of my favorite locations and booking my own party days starting next month. Keep an eye out for postings!