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It’s been a very long time since I have posted anything. Not for a lack of dong anything. More trying to choose which project to write about. This is a good thing. A very good thing.

Over the past 8 months I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting several local artists of all types…mostly dancers, but not all. Being a visual artist, I have generally stuck with my own kind, but lately I have found myself inspired by all forms of expression.

Most recently I was deployed to photograph five local artists whose projects were chosen to fill public spaces in Providence once occupied by the old Route 195. My objective is to document them in their workspaces, during the installation process, and then the final pieces in place. Ideally, I return and photograph the pieces throughout the year they are on display.

This week I visited with local multi-disciplianary artist, Sophia Sobers.

Sophia Studio LR-18

For the Interim Art Installation, she is creating a sculpture that will be installed along the service road that runs above and along Route 95 North near Cathedral Square. The series of pieces will contain living plants and ideally be lit at night using solar lighting installed within the base of each piece.

Sophia Studio LR-2

Sophia explaining the elements of each piece using the small scale models


Sophia sanding one of the exterior wood elements

Sophia sanding one of the exterior wood elements

There is a luminous quality to Sophia’s work as well as her work space. Combinations of light, texture, nature are present in her workspace and in the piece she is working on. She seems so genuinely connected to her work. It’s as if her workspace and her work are truly an extension of herself. Photographing her in her element was effortless.

Sophia Studio LR-13

As seamlessly connected as everything felt, I was intrigued with her process and how much consideration she had put into her creative choices. This has been consistent with the other artists I have met with as well. How do you create an installation that will withstand the elements for one year on a limited budget and limited resource? Personally, I am looking forward to seeing this work in place. Especially since I have had the pleasure of meeting the artists.