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We Have Arrived…


Easter 2013-7

Spring is officially here in little Rhode Island which means it is time to get outside. It is also time to put my iPhone down and take out my “real camera.” In the past couple weeks, I have been working on getting back into the groove, working outside with the kids and bringing my camera along.

This week I was turning my winter rye under in one of my garden beds when I noticed my little guys sitting in the neighbors yard picking “wish flowers.” I began to eaves drop and heard some of their wishes…simple requests like wanting all of their grandparents to be at their birthday party this year.

So I dropped the pitchfork and grabbed the camera.


The Little Guys aren’t always so agreeable to having their pictures taken, so I need to be stealth or sneaky to catch a dirty face…

Bugs and Boys-3

Or a super hero moment…


Or just wait until they are sleeping…